Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday and BOF

Today is Valentine's Day and fyi I am still accepting small gifts of candy and pretzels and swedish fish and gingersnaps and so on. I have not stopped accepting gifts. Actually, they do not have to be small gifts. Large gifts are fine too.

Valentine's Day has always been a big day around here because it is not unusual for babies to be born on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is Cora Belle's birthday, and Filbert's, and Harley's. I can accept gifts for them as well, just send them here and I will be sure to deliver them since Cora Belle and Filbert and Harley don't live here any more. Send them care of me, Baby Belle Jr. Or you can also address them to Millie, or to Herron Hill's Million Belles.

Unfortunately Pebbles cannot accept any more gifts because she has gotten quite fat but you can send her gifts to me as well and I will be sure she gets them as soon as she has lost some weight.

Hannah Belle likes to have her kids early in the season and she is right now in the kidding stall even though her kids aren't due until March. She is in there with her daughter Betty, whose kids are also due in March. Betty went in there because something happened to Betty's leg and she couldn't be rushed to the vet because Wendell was being rushed to the vet instead.

But she is getting around better so she may go back out but in the meantime you have never seen two more pleased goats, Betty and her mother, nestled up in the barn away from the dreadful late winter mud. Iota may go in there with them too, she is Betty's daughter, and then they will have a dam-and-daughter-and-daughter's-daughter kidding stall.

I have another entry in my first freshener column, or actually this works with any freshener, remember if you want milk you have to feed right and don't forget these three ingredients: oats, brewer's yeast, and flaxseed. Even humans are smart enough to know that these are your milkmaking foods, and you don't have to buy expensive cookies to get some, just go to the feed store.



Mimi Foxmorton said...


What a wonderful *gift* you are! ;)


Marigold said...

What happened to Wendell???????????????

Kerri said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog, I do not have my own right now but I will tell a little about myself i am a Nigerian Dwarf named Twilight, I have Blue eyes, white fur, and a cousin (who is a Nigerian Dwarf as well) named Midnight. and my owners blog is Farm girl at:
she is hoping to get a blog for each of us animals (not the Chickens)We will see. I hope to get to know you more!

Twa la,

Karen C said...

What a nice goat to deliver all those presents! And what is that munching sound I hear?

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Just a general note of advice for all goat lovers and readers of this blog: In case you have goats who love bananas like mine do, and in case you ever put 2 slightly soft bananas in your Carharrt coat before you go to the barn, don't forget those bananas are there as you feed, shovel manure, pet goats, throw the ball unceasingly to the border collie, and carry buckets of water because if you do forget, when you get home and stick your hand back in that same pocket you will find banana pudding topped with banana peels. Just take my word for it.

Selkie and Sarabi said...

Well. As always, we eagerly await your every wise word for first fresheners. But we are very dubious about our Owner feeding us these healthful and recommended foods, because she's never ONCE bought us Swedish Fish. Or licorice. So you see this is something like a prison camp here. We will have to eke out milk from whatever meager tidbits we are given. If we ever get boyfriends.


goatfarmer said...

Oh dear, the dreaded puddingpocket.

also, dear Selkie and Sarabi, have you considered contacting the Goat Justice League?