Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Autobiography of a Farm Dog

Just ten more minutes, please
Wendell has been considering writing a book on how to be a farm dog since he thinks he is so good at it. Chapter One would be titled, "Do Not Forget to Set Your Alarm," since Wendell sleeps on a cushion 8 hours a day and on a feather pillow about 15 more hours a day and that doesn't leave very much time for farming. He doesn't like to miss milking, though, because that is when the milk is served.

It might be more of a booklet than a book, actually. Or maybe a free Kindle download.

In other news I have begun to become concerned about Pebbles. She has forgotten how to eat out of a dish. She can only eat when someone is cooing to her and feeding her by hand and complimenting her on her beautiful broken buckskin coat.

It's so sad, there is no way she will be able to survive in the wild.

Good luck when the monsoon hits this winter, Pebbles, I hope FEMA sends some trained cooers.

Don't worry about me, I will be fine, I could live for three weeks on one green bean and it would be an improvement over what I am getting now.  And I also float like a can of beer.


Terry Golson said...

Wendall and Scooter have gone to the same "how to be a farm dog school." Scooter does bark at phantoms at night, though. Just for a minute. The goat boys think that green beans are great - I've missed so many on the vine that there are plenty of big crunchy ones to feed them. Perhaps the goatmother is keeping them for herself? Surely you are getting more than one green bean?

antoniomo said...

I really appreciate your selfless concern for Pebbles, and bet she doesn't appreciate (even notice?) what a true friend you are.

Marigold said...

Maybe Pebbles better hope that her ill-gotten gains (Wendell, the farm dog's, coat) comes equipped with inflatable side panels. She may not have to wait long. Tuesday is supposed to be another really wet and windy one. Take my advice and DO NOT stand under any trees on Tuesday. But I suppose you could encourage Pebbles to do so.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

I wish my border collie dog, Speck, was a little more like Wendall. Speck wants to chase the ball 23 hours a day. I have even learned to throw the ball in my sleep. I have an overly developed right arm as a result. When Wendall's book comes out I will read it to Speck.