Monday, May 30, 2011

Terrifying Intruder, Part One

Hello. Today there was a terrifying intruder.

When faced with a terrifying intruder, it is important to pay attention. It is almost impossible to be properly terrified if you are dozing off.

Steps which will aid in focusing the attention:

1. Everyone must face the terrifying intruder, even Pinky.

2. Actually, this is really Step One, but we usually do it second. So we call it Step Two. Step Two: Stop eating. Even Pinky.

3. Try to identify someone nearby who is smarter than you (difficult in my case, but Pinky can just look anywhere, even at a pigeon) and see what they are doing. Do whatever they are doing.

4. Is Hannah Belle anywhere nearby? If so, the intruder isn't really that terrifying. If Hannah Belle has vanished, run for the barn.

Thank you. I hope this has been of some help to those of you who are unsure whether or not to be terrified.


Farmer Kristi said...

Thanks for this, I needed a laugh. We lost one of our Nigerian kids to a terrifying intruder yesterday, except it was bigger than the neighbor's cat.

Millie said...

You've reported this very accurately! It's exactly how we react also. (Only insert Bud for Pinky)

Sharli said...

Oh my, what a great tutorial! Thank you! I wish Hannah Belle was around when I need to check . . .

Love the photo, too.

Yang said...

I find the most interesting thing about this is that the pigeon is apparently not terrified of the intruder.
We also follow these steps, except we have one additional step at the end - run like Big Foot is chasing you!

Marigold said...

Okay, I'm terrified of the pigeon. He might be after the Peanuts.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

This was absolutely hilarious. I snorted while reading it. As a result, I had to read it out loud to the male unit, who was bemused by my snorting. Unfortunately, I was laughing so hard I had trouble reading it out loud. Keep up the good work!