Thursday, March 03, 2011

Springless in Seattle

The farmer came out yesterday and announced that the winter is over because Jammies the little Buddha has starting shedding her undercoat out in long woolly strings.

"Good News," said the farmer. "The winter is over and we have Jammies to thank. Thank you, Jammies."

It continued raining and half-snowing stubbornly and when the farmer left Maddy the Sheriff of Crazy Town suggested we all t-bone Jammies.

Brandy said that wouldn't be fair, she is all for t-boning but only when deserved, and she gave Maddy a thrashing.

Outside it continued raining and showering with fierce winds and trees blowing over. Etc Etc Ibid Ad Nauseum. No news from the frogs.

I am starting to think if the spring won't come, maybe we should go to it, wherever it is. It is probably just up the road somewhere, maybe in Purdy. I wouldn't mind walking to stretch my legs. Except for the mud.

Maybe someone would drive us. If someone is going that way anyway and has a little extra room for me and Izzy and Belle Pepper and maybe Blue and Rainy and Betty and Iota and Terra and Hannah Belle let me know. Or even if you just have room for me and Izzy. Don't worry, we're not bringing Moldy.


Terry Golson said...

Well, spring is not here, either. It is 20 degrees below normal (15 today). The goat boys are shedding, so soon will be shedding and shivering, I suppose.

Marigold said...

Personally, I blame it on the Eagles. I am unsure as to why, but I just KNOW it has to be their fault. Robins are harbingers of Spring, but everyone is too busy ooohing and aaahing over the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I just crack up laughing when I read your post! Come to the east coast. Sunny and 56 here in WV!