Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver's Day Out

Silver went on a trip today. He got carried around. There was no milk. He didn't like it.


Yang said...

What? A trip with no stewardess? (I don't think they call them that any more, but we do not lean toward the politically correct if we can avoid it.) Silver is very cute and needs to start putting his cute to work for him. Demand milk on your next trip. The practice will come in handy for later when you want to demand peanuts. Or raisins - my personal favorite.

Marigold said...

Yang has something there. Although I don't think Silver will have to put his cuteness to work for him. Any stewardii will be falling all over themselves to bring him anything he wants. However, with those ears, he'll have to go in an airplane because he sure won't be flying anywhere on his own. Pity.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

want. WANT! WAAAANT!!! Silver.