Friday, January 01, 2010

Dark Horse Battles Favorite

Each year since its inception the GOTY poll has been won by a member of the Baby Belle family. While there have often been accusations of malfeasance these have been difficult to prove since the poll explicitly stipulates that there are no rules and that multiple votes are allowed. Perhaps even encouraged.

This does not leave much recourse for the sore losers (Melody?) of the world.

This year's contest was an extraordinary seesaw battle. Cora Belle for several days surged in and out of the lead, whipping her supporters into a frenzy of backroom politicking, while Melody almost wrestled the lead away at one point. Almost.

I was leading on Wednesday when Jammies the sad-eyed minimancha pulled briefly ahead of me.

Tangy (Tangy?)actually was atop the leaderboard with less than twenty four hours remaining.

Cora Belle always returned to the top until the final hours of the poll, when a dark dark horse surged out of the pack, pulling far ahead of the rest of the field with mere hours to go in the competition. This unlikely contender racked up hundreds of votes in the space of a few hours.

Then, in the final minutes, something unprecedented happened.

Without further ado, I present the results* of the poll.

*The results of the GOTY poll were reviewed and certified by our blue-chip accounting firm, Chitizoff and Prosper.


Claire said...

Goodness gracious how audacious!! Never would I have imagined it! The goats in my barnyard are all atwitter over it. Congratulations all around, and even to the non-winning goats, because they are all blog stars in any case, and are well loved by one and all.

SueP said...

I am surprised and delighted at the results. It's just another example of how unpredictable life can be. Marigold will surely have something profoundly philosophical to say about this, and I look forward to her comments.
It was such fun to watch the goings-on and participate in the contest. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience!

Melodie said...

Well,well,well....hmmm..I have to say I was so wrapped up in the excitement of the campaigning I am a little sad it is over!The scandals and plot twist,the pulling of our heartstrings and risings of our tempers.Those goaties played us like cheap violins and we loved every minute of it! I really loved all the goaties and they are winners in their own special ways!

Marigold said...

Dear SueP,
Marigold was indisposed, but Peanut certainly has something to say about it all.

Anonymous said...

Melody was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Millie was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Tangy was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Brandy was robbed!

Tina said...

What about Jammies?!!! Jammies was robbed! What is the world coming to when people won't vote for a brave, kind, unassuming orphan???!!!!

SueP said...

Dear Marigold,
I read Peanut's blog, and understand his point. I too noticed amazing irregularies in the poll results, but it looked like a playful goatie game to be enjoyed. So I did. Enjoy it. Immensely.

My question is now this:
Does this mean that Cora Belle and Winnie will have to pose together for the calendar cover shot? And could mayhem ensue if the two find themselves face to face?
Hmm. There may be more yet to unfold...
And I look forward to it!

goatgirl said...

Cora Belle says she is very pleased to be tied with Winnie.
But I did wonder about the horse's head I found in her stall the other morning.

goatfarmer said...

Never go against The Family, Cora Belle. Never.

Marigold said...

Does Winnie wear a Fedora and walk around talking like she has marbles in her mouth?

Animals with Opinions said...

perhaps a tie breaker is in order. i, being a majestic mountain goat, could easily break this tie for you.

gerald the tie breaking goat