Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Belle's Helpful Hints

As you know Miss Melly the 3-legged goat has been sharing my “private” stall after her accident. This has given me an opportunity to spend some time with her. In the spirit of helpfulness I would like to make some suggestions which may allow her to improve the serious deficiencies in her personality, hygiene, grooming, and behavior patterns. I have neither the time nor the space to detail all of her flaws, so I will just touch on a few of the most nettlesome.

1. The Beard. As you know I am universally admired for my magnificent snowy beard. Melly’s beard on the other hand is the type of beard which if anyone even noticed it they would say, “oh, are you trying to grow a beard?”

Scraggly is one word that springs to mind. Sad perhaps would be another.

The words which definitely don’t leap to mind are “magnificent” and “snowy.” My suggestion would be that Melly should approach the LaMancha doelings – any one of them would be happy to chew it off entirely. Winnie, Jr., for example just yesterday ate a piece of weather stripping twice the size of Melly’s “beard” in a matter of seconds.

2. Food hogging. Miss Melly is a food hog. When the food comes she acts as if it all for her, when in fact it is my food which I am of course willing to share as soon as I have finished eating everything I want. Not to mention that it is my stall and she is a guest. I would refer her to Miss Manners (waiting for hostess, page 147), who describes with elegant simplicity the sorts of minimal table manners required in contemporary polite society.

3. Ear biting. Melly is an ear biter, an unfortunate habit she acquired after spending too much time with the Toggs and mini-Toggs. Suppose you are eating your dinner in your private home and one of your so-called guests bites your ears in an attempt to get you to conclude your repast so that they may hog your food (see above.) Just imagine that scenario. There is really only one civilized solution to this problem: stop it.

4. The Water Bucket. Every day Melly tips over the water bucket. Why?

5. Heat. As every goat knows, it is only polite to bundle up together at night for heat. If you don’t like your co-sleeper(s), you can go head to tail instead of the friendly method – head to head with one neck draped over the other in the nesting pattern preferred by babies and family members. Melly makes no attempt to do this.

Was she born in a barn? YES, but so was I, and my manners are exquisite. Join me in exhorting her to improve her deplorable behavior. The Bush Years are over, Melly. It is time for a return to decorum.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the odd couple LOL

Queen Quattra said...

Yes, that is just scandalous! I'm embarrassed to say I was born in the same barn! Me? I would never think to hog someone's food...Pardon the pun Wilber and Babe!
She needs to get back to the pasture...3 legs or not! Terrible barn manners...Really!!

Marigold said...

Really, Belle. I believe you need to send her to Sequim where she can be put into Isolation with Ella. This would either cause her to straighten up right away or push her so far over the edge into a state of impropriety that there would be no hope of return. At the very least, you need to draw the line where treats are concerned. As for the beard. Nobody here has one. No one. Must be the water.

Stapeliad said...

Dear Baby Belle,
Did you read this article? A goat was arrested for armed robbery in Nigeria!

Can you believe it.