Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News From the Goat Hospital

Well, it was touch and go, and the farmer thought we might lose Tubster.

But the patients are stirring. First to recover was Big Orange, who is not a big complainer being a Zen Buddhist type of goat. But everyone has limits and Big Orange began murmuring in something like dismay when dinnertime came and went - AGAIN - without any grain.

Next to recover was Xie Xie, who takes to whining a little more naturally. "Where is all the food?" Xie Xie asked Big Orange, as if she would know.

Finally, tiny Spherical Tubster, the hardest hit of the yearlings, emerged from her stupor to begin complaining about the service she was getting in sick bay. Being three-quarters Nigerian, she knows her rights.

Is this all? Grass hay and a few leaves? Some sticks from a tree? Hello? Did you ever hear of death's door, which I am back from, and need some dinner?




Teresa Saum said...

We're so relieved that all the sick goats are on the path to better health. We'd send grain if we could.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

And so? What was the diagnosis? Bad grain? I'm so happy that everyone's giving it a second go! If a cat has 9 lives, how many do goats have? Cheers to you all - glad you're all one recovery road again!

Marigold said...

I can attest to the fact that room service is simply NOT what it used to be. Still, I suppose if one is under the weather, one should have a bit of salal (the goat equivalent of chicken soup - I learned this from the goatfarmer). Carry on. I am sure service will improve. After all, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

JustKiddin said...

It's so nice to hear that Tubster is complaining. Judging by my darling spouse's behavior when he's sick, the more they whine the less sick they have become.

I do, however, sympathize most thoroughly with the misery they've all been through. I'm home from work today after eating something that REALLY didn't agree with me, too.

Which gives me the opportunity to keep an eye on Gidget, who is apparently a big tease. Her rump ligaments are very loose, she has bagged up, the baby(ies) have dropped--leaving a hollow just in front of her hips--and she just ambles calmly around the paddock looking for bits of extra hay she might have missed the first time. She is waiting, of course, either until I go back to work or until the snowstorm forecast for this weekend...