Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Kids on the Block

Eo and her twin boys, born on Thursday afternoon, are enjoying a cozy stay in the barn. From what I can see, the food service is very good up there. Down here we get nothing but hay and a sprinkling of grain, hardly enough to live on.

Anyway, the boys' names are Stetson and Bugsy. Stetson is about 7 seconds older than Bugsy, and bigger. He is calm like his dad. Bugsy is smaller and more mischievous, with a little white cap.

Please welcome Bugsy and Stetson.


Marigold said...

My! What stellar children! Is their father Marquee?arigold

goatfarmer said...

No Marigold, these boys are Wrusty's sons. But Wrusty is a Marquee grandson, so these boys are your half-sister's grandsons and your father's great-grandsons, which I know is confusing but makes them your half-grandnephews or something like that. Anyway you're right they are quite stellar and going to make excellent lap goats.

sunshine said...

Lap goats, indeed. Welcome, Bugsy and Stetson!

Loner said...

wow! What great coloration - and they definitely look like lap goats!