Tuesday, May 08, 2012

are - oh - see

Well the samples went to the lab and Cherry's milk came back 6% butterfat, that explains the sleepyheadedness of the population when placed on Cherry milk. It also explains Clara Belle's waistline, since Iota's milk came back over 8% butterfat. But it doesn't explain Betty's stingy mark of 3.2% butterfat, that doesn't really make sense, unless the milk tester sort of forgot to mix the milk right with the dipper, and took all the milk off the top for Iota and Cherry's samples, and off the bottom for Betty. Anyway we'll see what happens next time.

In other news the milkers and babies got to go out in the front pasture with Willen the Haflinger who is too fat to go in the back and eat nice grass with the other horses who are enjoying some delicious red top. There isn't much grass there since Willen ate it all but there is a large thicket of blackberries poking through the fenceline.

The horseshoer came over and he was in a mood and he used a lot of colorful sayings, including "that's a ration of crap," which is what he says when he hears something preposterous like the cost of vet bills or how much the hospitals charge to take out a little kidney stone the size of a pea.

They charge a lot, and "that's a ration of crap."

Feel free to use this expression if you need to, it comes in handy, if you are in polite society you can say, "that's an R - O - C."

If you still do not understand what it means, here are some examples of how to use it:

a.) Wronny still has not had her babies, and that's an R - O - C.

b) The grass hay has gotten very stale, and that's an R - O - C.

c) They didn't tell us the electric fence was back on, and that's an R - O - C.

( phonetically: are - oh - see. )


Marigold said...

Is this for real? I think it is a ROC. Come to think of it, though, the Goatmother's father used to get all flustered and say, 'Oh, Crap. S#$t.' That quickly became the CS syndrome and everyone went around saying CS this and CS that. I guess the ROC is kind of like that.

groovyoldlady said...

There is no follow button on your blog. That is a R-O-C!!! ;-)

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Please overnight me some of Cherry's milk. I had a weird dream last night about eating Chinese food with a rock star musician in his van--over and over the eggroll, the lo mein, pass me the soy sauce, look at his wild hair, the eggroll, the lo mein, ad naseum. I need some solid sleep induced by that Cherry trance milk!

goatfarmer said...

Listen, never get into a van with a musician, I don't care how many eggrolls he has. That is step one.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Ha! Ha! HA! You are SO right!

Goat Girls Rule! said...

ROC -- we need to get on Facebook. Felicity Fiddlesticks.

Anonymous said...

Go girl, Clara Belle, take a swig for me!